ZIMEC 2018: Zambian Mining & Energy Investments to Promote Economic and Social Development

Lusaka, Zambia – 1 February, 2018: The 8th Annual Zambia International Mining and Energy conference and exhibition (ZIMEC 2018), taking place on 21-22 June in Lusaka, one of the most decisive government supported mining and energy events is aiming to be the biggest ZIMECs to date. Hundreds of targeted delegates, representing leading global and national companies from the relevant industries will be attending the event.

ZIMEC 2017 is the perfect opportunity for operators in the mining and energy sectors in Zambia, both established and new to understand the political environment, challenges and successes and investment opportunities by attending the conference sessions, as well as meeting the Zambia’s main political, economic and institutional decision makers. Leading mining and energy houses, government representatives, investors and other complementary businesses will be participating to discuss current and upcoming projects and gain useful insights into current trends of the mining and energy sectors.


“The exposure to the Mining environment has been extremely opportunistic since we were exposed to the ZIMEC platform. We identified our challenges and possibilities to improve our goals and objectives and met with most of the big mining operational companies to discuss our strategic planning for 2018. The stage has been set and now we have to play our role.”- Naeem Fortune | CEO, Africa Union Cargo (Silver Sponsor, ZIMEC 2017) 

For the past 7 years, ZIMEC has been instrumental in attracting foreign direct investment into Zambia’s mining and energy industries. The growing Zambian mining sector has witnessed an influx in investment and forecasts are exceedingly positive due to the rising copper prices and increase in demand for Cobalt. This will further incentivise more foreign miners leading to increasing mining projects. Favourable mining legislations and taxation policies have also boosted the growth in the mining sector. Diversification from copper have also been consolidated due to the emphasis on gemstones.

Zambia is also at the forefront in attracting investment for a sustainable energy sector fostering economic development and mitigating the country’s power deficit. Mining accounts for the greatest electricity consumption in Zambia and significant steps are being taken towards renewable power. The country expects to triple its power output to 6,000 megawatts (MW) in 2 years through expansion of solar energy. This has led to FDI coming into the country. 

Zambia is at a crossroads, in order to meet the ambitions of Vision 2030, the government is diversifying both the mining and energy industries in achieve sustainable development. Building on the theme for 2018: ‘Invest in Zambia- Generating Value, Diversity and growth through Collaboration’, the conference aims to turn these plans to actions.

The conference will have two focal points: Mining in Zambia and Power in Zambia. Both streams will consist of two days of dedicated conference sessions, exhibition, industry related workshops and robust panel discussions delving into the critical factors prevalent in the industries.  ZIMEC will focus on a range of essential topics addressing the future of the mining and energy sectors and prespoctive investing opportunities.

Key Topics include:

  • Collaborating to Create Cost Competitive and Mutually Beneficial Regulatory Frameworks
  • Strengthening and Diversifying the Mining Industry (Mining in Zambia)
  • Expanding and Updating the Grid (Power Zambia)
  • Financing Energy and Mining Projects
  • Developing Local Content Initiatives to Promote Inclusive and Sustainable Growth
  • Promoting Sustainable Mining (Mining in Zambia)
  • Zambia’s New Energy Mix (Power Zambia)

ZIMEC sponsors till date:

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