Zambia Chamber of Mines donates a bus to Zambia Mine Rescue Association

The Chamber of Mines Chief Executive Officer Sokwani Chilembo has said that mine rescue department at any mine is a beacon of hope to miners in times of disaster.

Speaking at Chingola’s Golf Club this morning when Chamber of Mines donated a bus to Zambia Mine Rescue Association (ZMRA), Mr Chilembo said that when a dark day falls at the mine, that’s when each miner sees the importance of mine rescue.

He said mine rescue offers leadership and hope by going to hazardous area when others are running away.

“You exit highest spirit of selflessness in this noble humanity cause to serve and we take pride of your work. This is the reason why the Chamber of Mines has donated the bus to make your work easier,” he said.

And ZMRA President Maron Chongo said the bus would be very helpful in inspecting various mine rescue stations countrywide on their preparedness and also to check and deliver apparatus and brigade.

Mr Chongo said since 2011, the ZMRA has been put on the international body where again the Chamber of Mines is paying affiliation fees.

He said this year the ZMRA will send a team to Russia to compete and learn new rescue methods.

He was on point to mention that mine rescuers are volunteers who are employed by various mines based on other skills and they later offer themselves to be part of the team and training is done after work.

And Chamber of Mines affiliate member Konkola Copper Mines (KCM) said mine rescue is hazardous work which gives confidence to miners.

KCM Chief Executive Officer Deshnee Naidoo said because mine rescue team is called at any mine plant accident scene they need transport for mobility.

She was speaking in a speech read for her by KCM Power and Energy General Manager Howard Chilundika.

In a vote of thanks, ZMRA vice President Chabala Simewa said the labeled bus with Mine Rescue badge will act as authority to easily access various mine plants.

Mr Simewas said in the past, they were using personal vehicles and were made to leave them outside the plant by the various security at the gate.

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