The Southern Africa Tuberculosis Health Systems Support Project (SATBHSS) Zambia Technical Committee visited NFCA Chambishi Mine on Thursday 19th July 2018 in a bid to have an on-site understanding of the issues relating to tuberculosis control in the mines.
Led by the Permanent Secretary from the Ministry of Labour and Social Security, Mr Barnaby Mulenga, the committee visited underground level 500 to appreciate efforts made by NFCA mine in suppressing dust emissions and improving the ventilation system.
In welcoming the team, NFCA Chambishi mine Chief Operating Officer Mr Zhang Bing, said NFCA mine was revitalized in 1998 after being dormant for 13 years. He said the mine composed of three ore bodies namely; the Main Ore Body, West Ore Body and the new project the South East Ore Body (SEOB), with proven ore reserves of over 5 million tonnes of Copper and 150,000 tonnes of cobalt.
Mr Zhang added that NFCA had invested over US$400 million in the Main Ore Body and West Ore body and over US$830 million in the new project, the South East Ore Body (SEOB) which was expected to be opened in August 2018. He said the new project was expected to have an annual production of 60,000 tonnes of Copper, employ 5,000 locals and had a life span of 25years.
Mr Zhang further said achieving excellence in safety was a constant goal that remained a priority for NFCA. “The mine has embarked on a journey to change its approach towards sustainable safety results which would ensure a continuous improvement in safety,” he said.
The committee that visited the mine comprised; Dr. Fwasa Singogo, Project Coordinator-SATBHSS Ministry of Health; Dr. Connard Mwansa, Director-Occupational Health and Safety Institute, OHSI; Mr Yewa Kumwenda, Research and Policy Manager, Zambia Chamber of Mines; Professor Charles Michelo, Dean-University of Zambia, School of Public Health; Mr Taulo Chewe, President-National Ex-Miners Association and other officials from the Ministry of Mines Safety Department, the Tropical Diseases and Research Centre, Mineworkers Union of Zambia and Ministry of Health.

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