Re-engage Mines on taxes

Financial Market Analyst Maambo Haamaundu has advised Government to re-engage the mining companies on the new tax regime to arrive at a win-win situation for both parties.
Mr Haamaundu said there are so many aspects that may hinder the performance of the country’s economy especially with threats of job cuts in mines.
He said Government should come out clearly and engage the mining sector because the mines contributed significantly in terms of employment and revenue.
He was speaking in an interview in Lusaka.
Mr Haamaundu said Government should not pay a blind eye to the issues being raised by the mines.
Mr Haamaundu said it was important for Government to act and save these jobs.
“We are not saying Government should have its arm twisted, not at all, but it is important to recognize where the value is.
“So Government should take a lead and see where the value is and if need be laws can be changed to make the business environment conducive,”he said.
Mr Haamaundu said the country did not achieve most of the set plans in the 2017/2018 budget due to the carrying of challenges from other years.
He said it was important that people must try to stick to the budget to ensure what was projected was achieved.

By Elizabeth Katuka,Times of Zambia.

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