Musukwa pledges increased communication with the mines

MINES deputy minister Richard Musukwa says the government is determined to forge communicative linkages with the mining sector to ensure policies are well structured and more predictable.

Meanwhile, Mopani Copper Mines scooped seven awards at the Zambia Chamber of Mines mining awards gala in Lusaka.

Speaking at the second Zambia Chamber of Mines awards gala in Lusaka on Friday, Musukwa said the government would look to forge stronger communicative linkages with the mining sector to ensure all future decisions on policies were well structured and more predictable.

The revised 2015 mining tax regime due to come into effect this Wednesday will see a return to a two-tier fiscal regime from the current single tier effected on January 1, following a huge outcry from the sector.

“We have demonstrated many times that the industry has raised an alarm about some of the undertakings we have done as a government, our capacity to not only listen but to demonstrate that we are able to change certain course of action after consulting,” he told industry stakeholders at Lusaka’s Radisson Blu Hotel.

“I must tell you that my government is determined to ensure that we forge more communicative linkages with the Chamber and all the players in the mining sector so that together, we can structure decisions that are going to allow us to be more predictable and that we must be able to move together as a team.”

Musukwa also pledged the government’s commitment towards ensuring the mining industry would have a more stable and transparent fiscal regime.

“I must restate my government’s position and reiterate our commitment towards ensuring that as a government we run and operate a mining industry which has a stable fiscal regime, which is simple, transparent and in most cases, of which many of you investors are looking for, reliable,” said Musukwa, who also challenged mining houses in the country to integrate into the local economy to benefit all Zambians.

MCM scooped seven awards at the gala, which included the ‘Best Mining Employer’ in 2014,  with Chibuluma Mines Plc having scooped ‘Best Performer in Social Investment in 2014’. The mining awards, introduced in 2012, provide a forum for recognising service and excellence of individuals and member companies in the mining industry, whose efforts remained unnoticed in the past, according to Chamber president Jackson Sikamo. –

Source: Post Zambia

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