Lubambe constructs new mine clinic

Lubambe Copper Mine (LCM) is building new modern clinic to provide primary health care.

The contract to build a clinic has been given to a Chingola based contractor Bamcom Projects valued at K750, 000.

Lubambe Communications Manager Loyce Saili said the signing of the contract with this local contractor shows the commitment that the mine has to ensure that its local sourcing strategy is implemented.

Ms Saili said the local sourcing strategy of mine, is a document that highlights what the mine will put in place to ensure that they spend on local Supplies and Contractors is increased.

She said the contract signed with Bamcon Projects Ltd to build a clinic inside Lubambe plant entails the construction of a new clinic.

“This new clinic will help to provide a higher standard of heath care to the employees. The clinic will also handle emergencies and wellness programmes.  Lubambe currently has an emergency clinic located inside the mine premises to carter for Mine operations emergencies but is in inadequate. The current clinic therefore requires an upgrade to meet the demands of unforeseen circumstances and to raise the standard of health care of employees.

“The current emergency clinic is part of a complex of buildings housing the change house and Mine Rescue offices. It does not have areas that could be modified to give natural light (placement of windows) and any modifications would still not allow natural ventilation and light to permeate. The new upgraded clinic will provide primary health care to employees (three hours in a day in the morning) and regulate the sick off/laying off employees which currently is difficult to verify and control while also offering the medical examinations for new and existing employees which is currently outsourced,” she said.

By John Sakala, The Independent Observer.

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