KCM making strides in building capacity for SME-CEO

Konkola Copper Mine (KCM) Chief Executive Officer Christopher Sheppard says the mine is making strides to build capacity for Small and Medium Enterprises in areas of operation.

Mr Sheppard said KCM believes that the strength of the local business in areas of operations is critical for growth.

Speaking in a speech read for him by KCM acting Vice President for Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) Felix Sikaonga during the cluster workshop for SMEs and researchers he said the program has come at an opportune time when businesses are embracing innovation and sustainable growth.

Mr Sheppard said the program seeks to outline the role of business in National development policies and exploring the bridge of gaps between SMEs and academia for the promotion of entrepreneurship training.

He said the company would like to build on this and expose communities to many more trainings.

Mr Shepard said the initiative is a starting point for regular capacity building networking and partnership for sustainable solutions.

He said the program is derived at benefiting by understanding how to align sales strategies with the business outcome, the African economy rebirth and how to align with it.

Mr Sheppard also said understanding challenges and opportunities of sustainable business in Zambia and southern Africa regional.

“KCM is delighted that the Africa strategist Adviser at Lancaster University-UK in partnership with Dr Nelly Kangwa Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Project Life Design who are part of the Lancaster recirculate program has agreed to deliver a training program for School Owners, Managers, Entrepreneurs and key Stakeholders from the mining sector and the community,” he said.

He urged all participants to endeavor to take this forward and help strengthen the local business performance.

Africa strategist Adviser at Lancaster University-UK Dr Aknimo Odon said Africa is exploring its Natural resources at an alarming rate and Zambia is strategically positioned to drive development in Southern Africa Region.

Dr Odon said he said KCM is also strategically positioned to lead the indigenous drive for participation in the mining sector.

He said advised SMEs to utilize the opportunities available as there is so much resources out there to boost their business.

Dr Odon told SMEs to look for opportunities not just within but beyond Africa.

By Alice Nachilembe, The Independent Observer.

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