FQM boosts local industry business

First Quantum Minerals (FQM) has strengthened its supply chain to companies in the manufacturing and construction sectors to enable them thrive.

Kansanshi Mining Plc Public Relations Manager Godfrey Msiska has observed that the mining giant has since provided many opportunities to the sectors thereby enhancing growth of the industry in Zambia.

He noted that the business entities and entrepreneurs regularly visit the mines to see how best they could fit into the supply chain.

“So we’ve been very supportive of that supply chain which has enabled those companies that are in the manufacturing industry to thrive. Now that’s industrial development because it means we have actualized the development of an entrepreneur’s plans to sell certain products to a customer like us.” He said

He notes that if FQM’s mines did not exist, the building industry would not have thrived. As a result, many Zambian firms that participated managed to up their game because if they did not build a demo house matching the mining company’s requirements they would not have had that opportunity to create business for themselves.

“I am happy to tell you that most, if not all, the Zambian construction companies that were engaged in building Kabitaka met the minimum requirement in terms of quality so they were given contracts.” He said.

In the energy sector, Mr Msiska emphasized that the company that is managing power distribution in the new Kabitaka town is a Zambian company that has accessed an opportunity to do business.

He affirmed that the local firm adds value by obtaining power from ZESCO’s main grid and distributing it to consumers in Kabitaka Township.

By Derrick Silimina (SUMA Systems), Times of Zambia

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