FIRST Quantum Minerals (FQM) through Kalumbila Minerals Limited, has donated health facilities worth more than K3 million to five communities in Kalumbila District.

Kalumbila Minerals Limited Assistant General Manager Junior Keyser says FQM has handed over new health posts valued atK3,481,821.
He said FQM had identified health support as one of the foundation blocks for rural development and would continue to support health services subject to availability of resources and stability in the business environment.

Keyser said the mining company valued the need for improved health services because better health was central to human development and wellbeing. Healthy populations were more productive, lived longer and significantly contribute to economic development.

“If we think about the cost of malaria in our community, in terms of lost production time and the grief that malaria
has caused to our family and friends, we can clearly see the importance of the health facilities we are donating today,” Keyser said during the hand-over ceremony of newly constructed health posts in Kalumbila district recently.

Without good health, even education support and agriculture support would be compromised, thereby breaking down rural development.

Keyser said the facilities were approved by the mining firm’s top management in good faith and in line with its corporate resolve to support communities where it operates from.

The health infrastructure handed over to the Ministry of Health include Kachiwezhi health post and staff house at K859, 925.49. The health facility has been named after Kalumbila Mine immediate past general manager Morris Rowe at the unanimous request of the community.

“This shows the strength of bonding that we have developed and the importance of co-existence,” Keyser said.

Others are Musangezhi Health Post and a staff house valued at K535,807.00, Mukila Wantambu Health Post and a staff house worth K1, 232,093.95.

A maternity wing at Musele Health facility valued at about K317,336.00 and part of which was upgraded by Kalumbila district council, as well as the completion of the Chitungu Health Post to a tune of K110,986.08.

The exercise includes equipment for all the facilities worth K366,959.21.

EMPLOYEES AND FAMILIES The Kalumbila Challenge 2019, which is a sporting event organised by employees and their families contributed K126, 000 towards the purchase of equipment.

“We invest in communities where we conduct business because we believe that is the right thing to do. Despite our effort as a private sector, we can only intervene to a certain extent because of limited resources and mandate.

“As such, your support as community members, and the support from government is important, otherwise the infrastructure may not be optimised,” he added.

Keyser has commended Senior Chief Musele for his persistence and continued follow-ups on community projects.

“I wish to wholeheartedly thank you for providing leadership and creating a conducive environment for FQML to participate in health support,” he said. He further urged Kalumbila district administration to safeguard the donated health facilities jealously.

“My humble request is that you continue providing leadership through traditional systems and through the church so that we protect the mine in order for the community to continue benefiting through job creation, business opportunities and other shared

By Derrick Silimina, Solwezi Today

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